Frank McCourt Memorial

October 9, 2009


On October 6th, a pared-down WSHSO played with Jimmy Crowley at Symphony Space for the big Frank McCourt Memorial Concert.  You couldn’t spit without hitting a Pulitzer prize winner or some kind of celebrity–literary or otherwise.  It just seemed like everyone who could have been there was.  And it was totally amazing in every way (this includes, I should mention, the dinner  afterward at O’Neal’s on 65th where the session cracked along–it seemed like every member of the McCourt family came and sang something). But don’t just take my word for it!  Symphony Space has posted a video of the entire event on their website!  It will only be there until November 4th, so watch it soon! Normally I would just embed the video, but their site doesn’t seem to allow that, so if you’re interested in seeing it (and really, why wouldn’t you be), click here:

The Frank McCourt Memorial at Symphony Space (the WSHSO appears in the last ten minutes or so)

For a followup post containing a picture taken backstage afterwards, click here.

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