Evidence of Early WSHSO Activity!

October 14, 2009

WSHSOTownHallAs those of you keeping track at home know, Mick Moloney formed the WSHSO in 2000 at which point, it would be fair to say, we weren’t reaching for the standard we do now.  But our first taste of a bigger stage came in 2001 when we took part in a concert at New York’s famous Town Hall.  Need evidence?  Well, click on the image at right to see the cover of the evening’s program!  On the inside, you can find the names of the person who were in the group at the time. (This is good, because without this I wouldn’t have remembered!)


The scan is a little small, so I took the liberty of copying the relevant paragraph out to make it easier to read:

The Washington Square Harp & Shamrock Orchestra–whose members are mostly new to Irish music–was created at NYU last year by Dr. Moloney–who teaches the repertoire in the traditional way–by ear.  Members include: Scott Barlow/Drew McKeon mandolins; Wm Cooley/Scott Spencer/Diane Hodson tin whistles; Gloria Lee/Joanna Schneider pianos; Juliana Trivers/Jennifer McGrath fiddles; Dan Neely/John Runowicz guitars.

You can download the whole program as a PDF by clicking here: Town Hall, April 2001. Beware, it’s kind of a large file (about 7 MB)


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