The WSHSO Album!

June 1, 2011

Thanks for visiting our site!  Our new album Since Maggie Dooley Learned the Hooley Hooley is available and it’s received some wonderful reviews, notably in the Irish Echo (Earle Hitchner, June 1, 2011) and the Irish Voice (Paul Keating, March 11, 2011).  In addition, it’s been getting airplay on Irish radio programs throughout the country, including WFUV (NYC), WGBH (Boston), WSIU (Illinois), KBCS (Washington), WNCW (North Carolina), WRFG (Georgia), WTJU (Virginia), WTMR (New Jersey), WMUK (Michigan) and WWUH (Connecticut) to name just a few.  We appreciate the consideration, thanks everyone for all the support!

If you’re interested in ordering a copy for yourself, please go to one of the two links below:

Click here to get a physical copy from CD Baby

Click here to download a digital copy from iTunes

…and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook…

Happy listening!


One Response to “The WSHSO Album!”

  1. Randy Powell Says:

    Bee-jeemers! When are you guys going to post something new?

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