The Mighty Augusta Ceili Band!

If you’re planning on taking the Ceili Band mini-class at the Augusta Irish/Celtic Week this summer, you’re going to want to keep your eye on this page because this is where I’ll be posting some of the repertory we’ll be covering!  Below, please find a selection of tunes.  By clicking on a tune’s title, you can listen to a short, no frills, very slow and even recording of it.  Underneath a tune’s title, you’ll find two links, one that will let you download an MP3 of the tune and another to download a notated version of the tune as a PDF.  (To download, either Right Click [if you’re on a PC] or control-click [if you’re a Mac user] and then save the link to your computer.)

I will add to this selection periodically, but we’ll also build repertory during Irish/Celtic Week in July.

If you’re interested in registering for the week, please click here to visit the official Augusta Irish/Celtic webpage.  Keep up with updates and additions to this page by liking our Facebook page, which you can find by clicking here.


Come West Along the Road

Humors of Tullah

Scotch Mary

Silver Spear

Sligo Maid


Hare’s Paw

Mountain Road

Swinging on a Gate


Humors of Ennistymon

The Kerfunken

Tell Her I Am

Connachtman’s Rambles

Donnybrook Fair

Jimmy Ward’s

Kesh Jig

Leitrim Fancy

Morrison’s Jig

Rambling Pitchfork

Tar Road to Sligo



Jimmy Doyle’s

The Return of Spring

The Mountain Pathway

Top of the Maol


5 Responses to “The Mighty Augusta Ceili Band!”

  1. Dan Hickey Says:

    Dan: I’m looking forward seeing you next week and to an even Mighter “Mighty Augusta Ceili Band” this year, and glad to see that Pam and Carol will be there to keep me in line.

  2. Pam Says:

    Dan- Carol and I are coming and signing up for Ceili Band when we get there – just so you know you have 2 more

  3. Pat Plunkett Says:

    Dan: Are these for 2014?

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