I just returned  from Europe I’ve seen London and Paris
And I’m glad to get back home to Yankee land
In fact the little USA looks better now to me
It’s a real place that the real folks understand
But still I often sit and think what would this country be
If we hadn’t men like Rosenstein and Hughes
We’ve surely have a Kingdom there’d be no democracy
If it wasn’t for the Irish and the Jews

What would this great Yankee nation really really ever do
If it wasn’t for a Levy, a Monahan or Donohue
Where would we get our policemen
Why Uncle Sam would have the Blues
Without the Pats and Isadores
There’d be no big department stores
If it wasn’t for the Irish and the Jews

McDonald built the subway and his name will not forget
A word of praise is due to Nathan Strauss
For pasteurizing babies milk the world owes him a debt
He’s a friend to every kitty in the house
Without Big Jim Sullivan what would the Bowery do
The patrolmen they would need new pairs of shoes
There wouldn’t be an east side in the city of New York
If it weren’t for the Irish and the Jews

What would we do for amusement, there would be no place to go
If it wasn’t for the Shuberts, Frank McKee and  Marcus Loewe
K and E and Billy Brady, Hammerstein I must include
I once heard Dave Belasco say you couldn’t stage a play today
If it wasn’t for the Irish and the Jews

Talk about a combination, heed my words and make a note
On St Patrick’s Day Rosinsky pins a shamrock on his coat
There’s a sympathetic feeling between the Blooms and McAdoos
Why Tammany would surely fall, there’d really be no Hall at all
If it wasn’t for the Irish and the Jews

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